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11th of May 2018

Government Reverse Mortgage is not enough

MEDIA RELEASE – 9 May 2018 Equity release specialist, Homesafe Solutions Pty Ltd (Homesafe), has welcomed further steps taken by the Federal Government in recognising the need to address the longevity concerns of Senior Homeowners and their desire to remain in their homes long-term, rather... Read More >

10th of May 2017

Further options for Senior Homeowners yet to be considered

MEDIA RELEASE – 10 May 2017 Homesafe Solutions Pty Ltd (Homesafe) has welcomed the first step taken by the Federal Government in recognising the need to address the concerns of Senior Homeowners and their desire to live a dignified retirement by using the equity in their homes. Homesafe... Read More >

8th of March 2017

Homesafe welcomes recent government support & focus on equity release as a solution for financial difficulty

MEDIA RELEASE – 8 March 2017 Homesafe Solutions Pty Ltd (Homesafe) General Manager Ms Dianne Shepherd has welcomed the recent announcement by the Victorian Government and Federal Treasurer in support of ‘shared ownership’ models as a possible solution for new and existing homeowners.... Read More >

2nd of December 2016

Seniors need to carefully consider their options under the new Assets Test, says Peter Szabo

MEDIA RELEASE – 2 December 2016 Seniors should consider their situation carefully if they find their Age Pension has been adversely impacted by the new Age Pension Assets Test that comes into effect on January 1, 2017 said Peter Szabo, Managing Director of Homesafe Solutions. ... Read More >

11th of November 2016

Seniors should retire debt as a priority to enhance retirement prospects says Homesafe MD Peter Szabo

MEDIA RELEASE – 11 November 2016 One of the strategies a senior homeowner should consider when reviewing their financial position in retirement, is the ability to eliminate debt and its associated servicing costs, said Homesafe Managing Director, Peter Szabo.  Unfortunately, there is... Read More >

17th of August 2016

Homesafe is pleased to support Legacy - Melbourne

This year, Homesafe is proud to support the Legacy Week Lunch for Legacy widows and Legatees to be held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre on Sunday the 28 th of August 2016. This is an important opportunity for widows whose husbands served their country to join together to... Read More >

24th of June 2016

Home equity release crucial to fund retirees with insufficient superannuation balances

MEDIA RELEASE – 23 June 2016 Financial concerns are escalating amongst pre and current retirees as the reality of underfunded superannuation balances and inadequate savings is becoming a reality for far too many mature age Australians said Homesafe Solutions MD and Founder Mr Peter... Read More >

19th of April 2016

Reverse mortgage cynics see improved solution (Financial Observer)

Reverse mortgage cynics see improved solution Advisers were starting to look for solutions for their retiree clients to progressively release and use some of the equity in their family home, according to Homesafe Solutions. The anxiety among advisers about the risks involved with hastily... Read More >

19th of April 2016

Better options often overlooked by retirees that downsize in haste says Homesafe

MEDIA RELEASE – 19 April 2016   Since the release of Australian Government Productivity Commission Research Paper ‘Housing Decisions for Older Australians’ in December 2015 and the more recent Actuaries Institute green paper ‘ Unlocking Housing... Read More >

18th of March 2016

Homesafe welcomes ‘Unlocking Housing Wealth’ green paper & focus on funding ageing population

MEDIA RELEASE – 16 March 2016   Homesafe Solutions MD and founder Mr Peter Szabo welcomes the Actuaries Institute recently released green paper ‘Unlocking Housing Wealth’ and the attention it has generated on the issue of funding Australia’s ageing... Read More >

1st of December 2015

Productivity Commission Report - Debt Free Equity Release set to play a greater role in retirement incomes

MEDIA RELEASE – 1 st of December 2015   Debt Free Equity Release set to play a greater role in retirement incomes   One of Australia’s largest providers of seniors home equity release products, Homesafe Solutions Pty Ltd, today welcomed a new Productivity... Read More >

6th of March 2015

Bendigo Bank & Homesafe call on the Federal Government to consider better ways to help Australians fund their retirement - Press Release

With the 2015 Intergenerational Report predicting that Australians will live longer and be poorer over the next 40 years, Bendigo Bank and Homesafe Solutions have called on the Federal Government to consider better ways for Australians to support themselves in their old age. The... Read More >

12th of August 2014

Bendigo's Homesafe looking good

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has a track record of making strategic moves at the top of the market and getting it wrong, but its pioneering role in releasing the equity in homes looks like being a long-term winner. The bank's partnership with Melbourne actuary Peter Szabo is delivering... Read More >

25th of January 2011

Unlock home savings to fund old age

AGEING baby boomers are haunted by two questions: will I have enough money to live comfortably in retirement; and how will I pay for aged care when the time comes? Earlier generations of Australians trusted governments to meet their needs on both fronts. Baby boomers know this... Read More >