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Homesafe Wealth Release®

Many older Australians find themselves in a frustrating financial position. They may own their home and consider themselves ‘asset rich, cash poor', and want to access the wealth locked in their home now, when they need it most.

Thankfully, there is a way and its called Homesafe Wealth Release®.

Homesafe Wealth Release® is the only debt free equity release which can enable older Homeowners to access the wealth built up in their homes, without the need to ‘downsize' or go into debt.

Equity Release

Homesafe Wealth Release® is based on an idea that's so simple you wonder why it wasn't thought of before. Basically, you receive a lump sum today in return for selling Homesafe an agreed share of the future sale proceeds of your home.

You remain on the Title as the owner and the right to 100% use of your home for as long as you wish. Only when you decide to sell does Homesafe become entitled to the agreed percentage of the sale proceeds. Importantly, you have the certainty that you will always retain the share of the sale proceeds of your home that you have not sold to Homesafe.

As Homesafe does not buy your property, you keep complete control over your home, and the percentage of the sale proceeds sold to Homesafe can never increase beyond the agreed share. You might even retain a greater share of the sale proceeds if you decide to sell earlier than anticipated.

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