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The Homesafe Contract

The Homesafe ContractThe Homesafe Contract is an important part of our transaction. The Homesafe Contract has been designed to specifically protect your rights to remain in your home for the rest of your life.

Under the terms of the Contract, you remain the legal owner and control when the property is sold. Homesafe will register a Mortgage & lodge a Caveat on the Title of your home, only to secure its share of the sale proceeds.

It is a requirement for Homeowners to engage their own independent legal advice before entering into a Homesafe Contract.

Your Solicitor will represent you with respect to finalising the transaction and will be asked to provide certain information to our Solicitors to complete the transaction.

It is also highly recommended that you obtain financial advice to ensure that the amount received from Homesafe does not affect any entitlements you may have, such as pensions.