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Mr Robert Johansen (BA, LLM (Melb), MBA (Harvard))

Chairman since 2004

Experience: Over 22 years Directorship experience and has held the position of Chairman of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd since 2006. 

Mr Johanson has expertise in corporate strategy, capital and risk management. He has provided independent corporate advice on capital market transactions to a wide range of public and private companies.

Managing Director

Mr Peter Szabo (BA, F.I.A.(Lon), F.I.A.A)

Managing Director since 2004 and Director of The Szabo Group

Experience: Peter Szabo has a long history with the concept behind Homesafe Wealth Release® In the late eighties, Mr Szabo was encouraged by the Victorian Council for the Ageing to find an alternative solution to reverse mortgage equity release products for the aging population of Australia.

Mr Szabo developed the concept for a 'debt free' equity release solution that tackled the problem from a completely different perspective - allowing the Homeowner to 'sell' a share of the future value of their home whilst retaining full rights to live in it.

Homesafe Wealth Release® (formerly known as Homesafe Debt Free Equity Release) was established in 2005 and is the result of Mr Szabo's 30 plus years actuarial experience in developing innovative and unique solutions for transactions that have involved major banks, public and private corporations and various government departments.


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